Nexx Garage Smart Garage Door Remote

Nexx Garage Smart Garage Door Remote

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Nexx Garage is a companion device to most existing garage door opener that securely allows one or more users to open, close, and monitor their garage door from anywhere in the world.

We guarantee you'll love our product that we offer a 90 day, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with our product for any reason.

WARRANTY:  1 year full labor & parts

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  • Notification alerts when the garage door is opened or closed.
  • Notification reminder if the garage door is open.
  • Conveniently Open/Close your garage door anywhere from your smartphone.
  • MULTIPLE CONTROL OPTIONS The garage door opening and closing could be controlled in multiple ways: 
    • Nexx Garage app from your smartphone.
    • Auto open the garage when you drive toward your garage.
    • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices.
  • MULTI USER ACCESS and REMOTE MONITORING You could authorize multiple individuals to access your garage through Nexx Garage or even remotely open close the gate when a guest has to access your garage Moreover you don't have to worry if you forgot to close your door for Nexx Garage will notify you and you can even look at previous 7 days opening closing logs to be sure of your garages security.
  • QUICK and EASY INSTALLATION WITH WIDE COMPATIBILITY and UNPARALLELED SECURITY Nexx Garage can be quickly and easily installed without the need of any professional skills or tools Moreover with its best in class encryption technology you can always be certain that your garage door is secured by a reliable controller Nexx Garage is compatible with almost all major garage door openers check our website for list of known incompatible openers but currently can only control 1 garage door opener.


You can control one garage door for every Nexx Garage device If you have three garage door openers you will need three Nexx Garage devices However the door openers can be different models or even from different manufacturers Nexx Garage keeps a history of door activities so that you can monitor the traffic in your garage area in real time or in the past.

Before purchasing, please check our website for compatibility for your garage door opener:

Compatible List:

Incompatible List:

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Advance Features To Simplify Your Life

Just Tap

With Nexx Garage mobile app, you will have the convenience of checking or activating your garage door or gate from anywhere in the World.

Just Speak

With Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can open, close, or monitor your garage door. Just say

'Alexa, tell Nexx Garage to open gate'.


'Hey Google, tell Nexx Garage to close door 3'.

Just Drive

Nexx Garage is so smart that it knows when you want to open your garage door, so just drive near your home and your garage door will magically open! (This feature is in Beta release and there are known issues on Android 6.x, so it may not work for everyone or every time. This feature also depends upon the device's ability to read the location and that is dependent upon the device electronics and network environment.)


Ever left the house and forgot to close the garage door?

No worries, Nexx Garage will remind you.


Get notified in real-time who and when the garage door open or close. You can also set voice notifications as well.


Give your parents, children, siblings, or friends access to activate your garage door opener. You, in turn, can control both yours and theirs as well. With this capability, you no longer need keys or remember a keypad pin code.


Keep track of who and when your garage door was activated.

Works with

Alexa, tell Nexx Garage to open garage

Never have to leave the kitchen table to open your garage door. Just tell Alexa while drinking your coffee.

Hey Google, ask Nexx Garage for door status

Is your friend at your gate? No need to move, just ask Google Assistant to open the gate for them. If only everything is just this simple.

Talk about your brand

With IFTTT integration, you have endless automation possibilities.

- Close door at 10 PM every day
- Text me when door is opened
- Email me when door is activated
- and more

Know on the Go with Watch App

With our watch app, you can not only know the status of your garage or gate, but also open or close it as well. Be mobile but still in control.

Featured Reviews

Phenomenal product and support

I strongly recommend this product. It just works.

Dushyant M.

Awesome customer service, great product

Works great. thanks to customer service for easy help when my opener was incompatible.

Richard Pescatore

Works very well 
I installed the Nexx Garage monitor at my daughter's home without any problems. It worked with a LiftMaster 3800 PC. I think that I'll order one for myself!!

Peter Calvert

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Great Product. Works as advertised.

Easy/quick installation. Awesome customer support. Needed the adapter and was sent/received the same week. App is simple and effective. Will be ordering another one for my second garage door.

Nexx garage opener

Failed after 15 months. So much for the one year warranty. I would love if the company would send out another unit.





Pretty good garage automation

I've got this setup with Google Home and it works like I wanted... "Ok Google, open the garage" - and it opens if its closed - it doesn't just toggle the garage.

But there are several areas to improve:
1. Nexx Garage was not listed in the manufacturers on Google Home's Home Control list. It was probably due to a release by Google. Had to link from the web after asking support.

2. After connecting to Google Home, can't just say "Ok Google, open garage". To get that I created and IFTTT applet for both open and close. This should be listed in the documentation because people do not want to say "Ok Google, tell Nexx Garage to open the garage".

Nothing works well if wifi is not sufficient. My wifi was just a bit out of range so the Nexx kept connecting and disconnecting. There was no good error reporting for this except the green light. The app was inconsistent with reporting disconnects. I finally just put in another AP to get good wifi and its fine.

The open/closed status gets out of sync if wifi is weak.