Nexx brings smart home devices to simplify your life while securely monitoring every actions.  From Nexx Garage to Nexx Plug to Nexx Cam, our products bring ease of use and simplicity to your everyday life.  

Packed full of convenient features, join us in the Nexx Generation of home security and smart living.

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Real time alerts. Up to the second reminders. Nexx brings peace of mind knowing our technology is working with you to keep you home safe. Activities are always tracked and logged for you review at anytime.


Activate your garage door opener by a simple tap on your phone. Need a light? Our automated lighting system with camera can help. Home automation technology has come a long way and we are at the forefront. Our mobile features work seamlessly with our product to bring you best in class results.


"Alexa, tell Nexx Garage to close door." or just drive near your home and your garage door magically opens. Seems almost too easy but with our customers in mind, that is what you will come to expect. If only everything can be this easy and simple.


A friend needs to get something from you garage, but you are currently at work. Not a problem. Simply give access through our mobile app and have peace of mind knowing all activities are tracked and logged for future review. Share with others but always be in control.


  • nexx home garage works with amazon alexa
  • nexx home garage works with google assistant
  • nexx home garage smartwatch app


Alexa integration works great. Having to say "tell Nexx Garage to" once in a while is a small price to pay for being able to tell if you accidentally left your garage door open (and close it) from the furthest reaches of the internet.

Bill M.

The unit works great, I love being able to tell the status of and control my garage door when I’m away from the house. This kids have the bad habit of leaving the garage door open, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up to find the garage door sat open all night. Installing this remote was easier than training my kids to close a door! The Alexa integration was quick and easy.

Tor U.

Support is very responsive and seem to be interested in helping the customer. I highly recommend this product and if you do have setup issues I'd suggest reaching out to their support before returning.

Patrick P.